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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to register?

A: YES, you are required to register an account before uploading images and creating designs online as without having an account, the site has no idea who to associate uploaded images and designs to. You can register on the site by clicking on the “Register” tab or “My Account” tab.

Q: What is the best browser to use for your editor?

A: We recommend designing using either Chrome or Firefox for the best user experience. If you are using Internet Explorer and experiencing difficulty with some features, please try using either Chrome or Firefox as this may be causing your issues.

Q: I am struggling to register?

A: Please send an email to from the email address you would like to register with and include your cellphone number and we will assist you in registering an account.

Q: How do I create a project?

A: Select the product you wish to create from the product dropdown menu. Select the size/model of your product and choose your design layout if applicable. Once happy with your selection, click ‘Create my Product’ and you will be taken to the editor to complete your design. For further information regarding designing your project, please refer to the relevant FAQ.

Q: How do I upload my photos to the site?

A: To upload your images it is recommended you create a gallery under the ‘My Gallery’ tab in the top right admin panel of the website. You simply click ‘add images’ and the upload tool will pop up allowing you to select the images from your desktop that you wish to upload. You can also upload images from inside of the editor by clicking on the “images” tab at the bottom of the editor and then clicking on the camera icon “upload”, which will also launch the upload tool.

Q: Tips for uploading images?

A: Unfortunately at this moment in time, we are unable to upload files larger than 10mb in size. Organise your images into folders before you upload them as this will help save time searching for images online after. If the upload stops due to an intermittent internet connection, take note of what image was uploading in the dialog box, click X (cancel) and restart the upload process from that image. If your files are larger than 10mb in size, we recommend resizing to approximately 9.5mb but maintain a 300dpi and then uploaded those resized images. We are working on increasing the file size limit for uploading and this will hopefully be available in the coming weeks.
Images should be uploaded in either JPEG or PNG format. Please upload sRGB files. If you don't know what this means...then your files are most likely already in that mode. Please do not upload CMYK or AdobeRGB files as they will not print well.

Q: How do I access my Facebook photos?

A: Once inside the editor, simply click on the “images” tab at the bottom of the editor and then click on Facebook. You will be asked if you would like to login with Facebook. Simply click yes and all of your Facebook albums will appear at the bottom of the editor.

Q: How do I access my Instagram photos?

A: To use your Instagram images – the files must be present on your tablet or computer. We are not directly integrated with Instagram at this moment in time. If you are looking to use your Instagram files - consider trying to download a complete zip file of your Instagram images to select from to upload to our online system. They upload very quickly as the files are not very large. Please know that we are working to provide an easier solution to this.

Q: Why is it taking so long to upload my images?

A: The upload time for your images varies greatly and is mostly dependent on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) upload speeds. Remember many ISP's have a much slower upload speed than download speed. Our image servers’ support uploads up to 100/mb/sec which in most cases is more than 500 times the speed of an internet connection to guarantee the fastest uploads to all users.

Q: How many images can I upload?

A: The upload tool limits you to uploading no more than 50 images at a time. There is however no maximum limit to the number of images you can store in your gallery for project use as everything is cloud-based.

Q: Can I upload my own PDF to print?

A: Currently, you cannot upload a custom PDF to our system. Only JPEG and PNG files can be uploaded to the editor.

Q: How does the Autofill function work?

A: Autofill will automatically load your images into the various placeholder blocks in sequential order. This will save you time by not having to manually add your images to each of the placeholder blocks. Once your design has been autofilled - you can review it and make changes to certain images by dragging and dropping a different image in its place if required.

Q: I keep getting a resolution warning?

A: The website is simply alerting you to the fact that your image is low resolution and may result in a poorer print quality. You can still order the print but we always recommend customers use higher resolution images. The size the image needs to be depends on the size of the print.

Q: My image does not fit in the placeholder block?

A: To move your image to the desired position – click on the image box you are trying to crop. Then click on the cropping icon on the right-hand side between the plus and minus sign. Then use your cursor to move the image around within the placeholder block to its desired spot.

Q: How do I delete a photo from the placeholder block in my design?

A: Simply drag and drop a new image over the other one into the relevant placeholder block and the image will be changed.

Q: How do I add text to my project?

A: Click the “add text” button on the left-hand side of the editor. To edit the text, hit the “+” button in the text box. A text editor box will appear where you can edit the text, allowing you to select your desired font, size, colour and alignment. Once happy with your choice, click save and your selection will be applied.

Q: How do I edit text within the designer?

A: To edit the text, hit the “+” button in the text box. A text editor box will appear where you can edit the text, allowing you to select your desired font, size, colour and alignment. Once happy with your choice, click save and your selection will be applied.

Q: Can I design my own layout?

A: Yes, simply select single layout from the layout options. Once inside the editor, you will be able to resize the image block as you want. You can also add additional image blocks by clicking ‘Add Image’ on the left hand side of the editor. You can then size and position your image blocks as you want. You can also create a collage effect by using the ‘Layer’ functionality on the right hand side of the editor.

Q: How do I save my project?

A: Once you are happy with the design click on Exit at the top right of the editor. You will be asked if you want to ‘Save and Exit’ – click yes. Your design will be stored in ‘My Account’ in the top right admin panel of the website. You can also simply click ‘save’ on the bottom right of the editor to save your design at any point.

Q: Can I edit my project?

A: All items saved to ‘My Account’ can be edited later, so no need to worry about losing your design if you run out of time in one sitting. Simply login and access your account and click ‘Edit’ and you will be taken into the editor to complete your design.

Q: Can I save a project design and finish it later?

A: Yes, you can return to your saved project at a later time. To access your saved project – simply log in to your “My Account” page to view your current projects and select the edit icon to begin working on your project again.

Q: How do I know if my photos will print clearly?

A: Our online project designer will warn you with a hazard sign if we think the photo is insufficient quality to print at the size selected in your page layout. Recommended photo resolution is in large jpg format at 300 dpi. Please note that many images taken with your smartphone or other device – or pulled from your Facebook account may be flagged as insufficient for print. Images with resolution warnings will be printed if not removed – use at your own risk and artistic discretion.

Q: Will photos I take on my phone print ok?

A: If you are anything like us – you take a lot of photos on your smartphone. Our experience to date is that these images actually print sufficiently despite resolution warnings. If you are unsure about your device – we recommend using smaller image boxes in your designs versus full page spreads. We cannot guarantee the printing quality of your device’s photos or offer a refund if you are disappointed in the printing quality of these photos. If the images look blurry or pixilated in the project designer – they will likely print the same way.

Q: Can I make changes to my artwork after I've place my order?

A: Unfortunately, no adjustments or amendments to artwork can be made once your order has been confirmed. Please use care before confirming your order to make certain everything is selected and designed as you’d like. If you need to cancel your order – you have 24 hours from the time you receive your order confirmation to do so. If you need to contact us immediately – or call 0861 999 899..

Q: Can I change the size of my product after I've created it?

A: Unfortunately at this time – once you have created a design you cannot edit the size of the design. To change the size of the product you wish to order – you will need to create a new design on the desired size. We know this isn’t perfect – and are working to make this more user friendly.

Q: How do I redeem my Promotional Code?

A: To redeem your order code – you MUST enter the promotional code in the ‘Promotion Code’ block on the 1st shopping cart screen once your product has been added to your cart and make sure you click ‘Apply’. Please note that promotional codes are case sensitive and must contain no spaces. The discounted rate will be reflected prior to checking out so please do not proceed to checkout if your shopping cart total has not changed

Q: How long will it take for my products to be delivered?

A: At present our turnaround time for deliveries is 14-21 working days. We are working furiously to ensure all orders go out as soon as possible but please allow at least 14 working days before querying your delivery..

Q: I haven't received my order confirmation - what should I do?

A: If you have not received your order confirmation – then it is likely your order has not gone through. Please contact us on 0861 999 899 or send a mail to and we will assist you. If you have a gmail/hotmail/yahoo account - check your spam as our order and shipping confirmations often end up there.

Q: I am not sure if my order went through?

A: Please send an email to providing all relevant details and we will investigate the matter further and assist where necessary.

Q: I am not sure if my payment went through?

A: Please send an email to providing all relevant details and we will investigate the matter further and assist where necessary.

Q: Can I change my delivery address after I place my order?

A: Yes. Please call us on 0861 999 899 or email us at to make a change to your shipping address as soon as possible. It is advised that you call within 48 hours of placing your order as we cannot make changes once the product has been packaged.

Q: What is the 'Backgrounds' tab used for?

A: The backgrounds tab can be used to change the page background colour. To do so – simply click on the colour of your choice and hit SAVE.

Q: How do I change a page layout?

A: Click on the page layouts tab at the bottom of the editor and simply drag a new layout over the existing layout. Please note that page layouts are only available on certain products.

Q: Does the canvas come with a frame?

A: Yes, all of our canvas prints are done using 100% cotton canvas that is premium stretched over an 18mm pine wood frame.

Q: Does the canvas print go around the edges?

A: No, we do not offer gallery wrap. All of our canvas prints come with a white border on the sides of the canvas.

Q: How are your phone covers printed?

A: We print directly onto the back of the phone cover. The phone cover is a slim-line cover that fits over the back of your phone. We do not print flip covers.

Q: What models of phone covers do you offer?

A: At the moment we are only personalised phone covers for iPhone 4 & 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. We will be adding a whole new range of makes and models to our offering in the near future. We will also be adding iPad and Tablet covers to our product range.

Q: Can I add effects to my image?

A: Yes, once inside the editor simply select the image you would like to add effects to. Then click ‘effects’ on the right hand side and select the effect you would like to apply to your image and click save.

Q: Do you offer custom size prints?

A: Yes, we do offer custom size prints for both Canvas and Aluminium. Please send an email to detailing your exact requirements and we will get back to you with a price for your print.

Q: How do I delete an image or gallery?

A: Unfortunately you cannot delete a gallery as the images are linked to projects and orders and this could cause further issues. If you would like an entire gallery or certain images in the gallery deleted, please send a mail to and we can assist you

Q: Can I share my design with someone?

A: Yes, you can share your designs with friends either via email or through a number of different social platforms. Simply login to ‘My Account’ and find the design you would like to share and click the ‘share’ icon and a range of options will pop up for you to select.

Q: Do you offer different colours frames for your Framed Prints?

A: Yes, all of our Framed Prints come standard with a black frame but if you would like a white frame, please send an email to informing us of this and we will ensure you order is completed with a white frame.

Q: Calendar design tip?

A: Please ensure you select the correct starting date and month for your calendar as once you have created your design, you cannot amend the starting date. Please also ensure that you complete the design of all 12 months of the calendar

Q: What are your customer service hours?

A: Currently, as our business grows and we are limited in resources, our customer service hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday.

Q: Can I use my iPad or Tablet to create my product?

A: You bet! We are iPad and tablet friendly. You can use your photos from Facebook and design right on your iPad – eliminating any need for your trusty computer if you really want. Unfortunately, you cannot use our flash uploader from your iPad - so you will need to upload your photos from a computer - or access via your Facebook account.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Printstagram stands behind the products we create. If you are not happy with the quality of your order or believe your product has a manufacturing defect or damage – please contact us so we can make things right. To begin the exchange or return authorization process, you must contact us within 3 days of receiving your order. Dependent upon the defective issue with your product, we will either request you to ship the product back or provide photographic proof of the production error or shipping damage. You may opt for replacement of merchandise, credit on a future order or a full refund. Should your order be damaged in shipping, please keep the waybill or barcode on the product packaging as this will be needed to issue a replacement print. Printstagram creates custom one-of-a-kind products that are custom designed by you. Due to the custom nature of these products, we are unable to refund your order for customer created errors, including but not limited to:

  • Typos and misspelling
  • Poor image quality or low resolution
  • Layout errors and missing images
  • Blank pages or mistakes in product design
  • Product selection mistakes ( ie. product size or style)
  • Colour differences between your home computer and our professionally calibrated printing systems

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